Plate Weld Flange

Plate Weld Flange

Plate weld flange: 3/8"~80"

European Series: PN 2.5, PN 6, PN 10, PN 16, PN 25, PN 40, PN 63, PN 100

Flange Facing Types
European Series: Type A (Flat Face, FF for short), Type B (Raised Face, RF for short)

Carbon Steel: ASTM/ASME A105, ASTM/ASME A516 Grade 55-60-65-70
Alloy Steel: ASTM/ASME A182 F1-F12-F11-F22-F5-F9-F91-F911-F92
Stainless Steel: ASTM/ASME A182 F304-F304H-F304L-F304N-F304LN F316-F316H-F316L-F316N-F316LN F321-F321H F347-F347H, ASTM/ASME A182 F51-F52-F53-F54-F55-F60-F61
Low-Temperature Steel: ASTM/ASME A522, ASTM/ASME A707 Grade L1-L2-L3-L4-L5-L6-L7-L8
High-Strength Steel: ASTM/ASME A694 F42-F46-F48-F50-F52-F56-F60-F65-F70

EN 1092-1-2007
ISO 7005-1-1992
AS 2129-2000
GB/T 9112-2010, GB/T 9119-2010
HG/T 20592-2009

Industrial Processes
Die forging, Machining

Industries Served
Power generation, petroleum, natural gas, chemical, shipbuilding, heating, papermaking, metallurgy

As a renowned plate weld flange manufacturer and supplier in China, Ahad produces a wide range of pipe fittings, such as pipe elbows, blind flanges, socket weld crosses and steel pipes etc. Our products are strictly manufactured in compliance with ISO 9000, Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (PED 97/23/EC), AD2000 Merkblatt W0, and API standard. Currently, our pipe fittings have been extensively used in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Russia, the United States, Brazil, Iran, India, and some other countries.
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